Product Details

Bandannas (XS-XL)


  • Bandannas are double thickness
  • Collar feeds through pocket at top
  • Do not tie
  • Embroidered not printed
  • Embroidery can go on both sides

Bow Ties (S-L)


  • Double Thickness
  • Fasten to existing collar using elastic loops
  • Coordinate with Bandanna

The Poop Bag


  • Using elastic, will loop onto any leash
  • Heavy canvas
  • Embroidered
  • No more holding warm presents while on your walk.

Memory Pillows


  • Your photo is digitized then embroidered
  • Each pillow is one of a kind
  • Beautiful gift 
  • Several colours to pick from
  • Add a name/dates etc.

Chilly Dogs


  • Cooling band for those long walks
  • Contains super-absorbent polymer Absorbs 300x its size
  • Reuseable
  • Soaks in water - Stays cool for days
  • Great for pet or owner

Specialty Items


  • Wedding Bandannas
  • Sachet deodorizers
  • Welcome Signs

Custom Orders Available